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Stop throwing money away on social media.

There. I said it.

Now I feel better.

I don’t want you to waste a single dollar on ads or social media management or building funnels. Nope. Just put that wallet away and get off social media completely.

What? Are you kidding?

Did you actually just tell me to get off social media?

Yep. Sure did.

Well, at least wait until you have a plan. And I mean a REAL plan, not just some ‘plan’ to post 3 times a every day at 7am, noon and 4pm with articles and a play-by-play of your day.  

Not some plan to make pretty pictures and quotes and share them with your friends. And definitely not some plan to boost your most well written blog article of all time.

That’s more of a “Pla” than a “Plan”. In fact, forget a plan. It probably won’t work anyway.

What you need is a STRATEGY.

A strategy not to grow your pages to thousands in the next three months. Because unless you plan on spending thousands, that’s not gonna happen. 

And not some strategy to use the same color scheme. Though that will look pretty, pretty alone will not bring in the crowd or build relationships.

You need a strategy to create the right content of course, but none of that matters if you can’t find the right crowd – your ideal dreamy customer that makes you get a little googlie and makes your heart go pitter patter. 😍😍😍 

If you’re not speaking to that dreamy customer, then you’re not speaking to anyone. 

Dang that is good. You may want to read that last sentence again.

You need a strategy to create a community, not just people clicking ‘like’ and most likely forgetting about you after that moment passes. 

And what you need is a way to bring customers to you and then guide them through the process of trust, relationship, and offering a solution to their greatest frustrations, creating such incredible value they won’t be able to wait until the next email hits their inbox or the next status shows up in their newsfeed.

You’ve tried other ways.

Now it’s time to do it the right way.



of all consumers say they use social media to help them make purchases.


of online users use more than one social media platform.


of Millennials check Twitter at least once per day.


Instagram is the 2nd hottest platform with 32% of social media users.


Social Media Strategy

It goes beyond management. Most anyone can manage. Only a chosen few can build a strategy and successfully implement. 

Sales Funnel

Sales funnels are the future. Actually, they are the present also though not many are using them yet. Ask us how sales funnels can help your business grow.

Facebook Ads

70 million businesses are on Facebook yet only 5 million of those are utilizing Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads reach beyond your local boundaries. They can go where no other advertising has ever been before. The question is, why WOULDN’T you use Facebook Ads?

You can now reach your ideal dreamy customer cheaper than any other marketing method. With our Connect, Commit, Close, 3 Tier Ad Strategy, success is just one Facebook Ad away.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has a 38% ROI. Enough said.

Curious What A Sales Funnel Is And How It Can Grow Your Business?

Watch The Video Below. 👇

What Others Are Saying

Angeles provided an excellent service taking some fairly dormant social media accounts and adding life and growth in followers in a very short space of time. From day 1 she demonstrated credibility in all things social and I was happy to trust her to get on with the job with minimal involvement from myself. Angeles understood the subject and was able to engage with my audience in exactly the right voice. I would happily work with Angeles again in the future.

Paul M.

Owner, Driftsurf

Angeles is an incredibly passionate and savvy social media marketer. Her eyes are always on the trends and she knows how to back her work with data and research. I highly recommend Angeles for all social media work!

Rachel Pedersen

Award Winning Social Media Strategist

Angeles’ creativity and passion for all things Social Media is contagious and inspiring! Her drive for success is easily demonstrated through precise actions and decisions. She keeps herself at the forefront of the technology and trends vital to her clients success. With Angeles being a perpetual student you can rest assured that your company’s online image will be extremely well represented. I highly recommend Angeles as a Social Media Expert!

Mitch London

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