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So….you read the title.

Now tell me. Who can relate? ✋🤦‍♀️

Yea. Me too.

Actually, in the past couple of years, I have grown from a hate-hate relationship with Facebook ads to a love-hate relationship. Look ma, I’m growing up.

Everyone is trying to figure out Facebook ads. Businesses throw money at them – some thousands of dollars each month – in hopes for sales, leads, and an ROAS (Return On AdSpend) that will be sure to make their competitors green with envy and send their 6 children off to college one day paid-in-full.

It’s everyone’s dream, isn’t it?

I’ve seen businesses try to tackle Facebook ads, thinking all it takes is a pretty picture, a few words written in the copy and a link to their most fabulous product. On day one, they have high hopes. Day 2, they think it may just take a few days to get going, and then Day 5 they realize they haven’t a clue how to drive traffic to their page and maybe…just MAYBE it takes a bit more skill than a pretty picture, words and a link.

Sometimes it’s a tough, expensive lesson to learn but one necessary before you can start really appreciating the art of Facebook ads.

When I started out as a social media manager, I honestly had no desire to get into Facebook ads. I really enjoyed managing pages, growing organically and engaging with my client’s customers, building authentic relationships. At one point in time, this was enough. THEN it happened. Algorithms changed. Pages weren’t shown as often in the newsfeeds of potential clients. In order to make money you needed to start spending money.

So…that’s what people began to do. Spend money. But the drag was, they weren’t making money. They were losing money instead. OR…they were making so little that it just wasn’t worth the effort.

A couple years ago I had the opportunity to start learning Facebook ads. I learned there was a lot more to it than surface would show. If just a pretty picture, copy and link brought in money – businesses were lucky. To see them duplicate that over and over again with the same results was almost impossible and about as easy as winning the lottery and second and third time.

Ice Cream Cures Facebook Ad Insanity

So, what does it take to be good at Facebook ads and keep your sanity?

It takes being in the midst of them day and night … weekends included. It takes knowing what objection to use when. How to bid, how much to bid, how to build a Facebook ads funnel, what to put in that funnel, when to stop touching anything and for how long, when to scale, how to scale, who to target, when to retarget and how to retarget. And this is just all in the first breath.

What comes after all of this and how do you optimize and actually begin growing your ads and in return your business? It’s a lot to take in…but don’t worry.

I am going to take you through – step-by-step – in the next few month of how you use Facebook ads to grow your business. Sure, Facebook ads are scary at times. Sure, it takes a lot of work and effort. And yes, you will cry and throw things at the wall at times, say bad words to your significant other and want to quit multiple times a day.

But THEN….

You find that sweet spot. You find that right recipe. You start seeing little wins turn into big wins. And then you hit a brick wall and start all over.

But now what? You are so excited to start and I’m about to wrap up this article. So what do you do?

First step – if you haven’t already, create a Business Manager account for your business and then claim your Facebook ad account within that Business Manager. It’s time to stop playing around and level up. Below is a very short video (because yes, it’s that easy) on how to set up Business Manager within Facebook.

After you have set up Business Manager, you will want to add your Facebook Business Page and Ad account (or this is the perfect time to create your ad account if you haven’t already).

Below is another very short video on how to claim your business page within Facebook Business Manager as well as your Ad account.

You probably saw in the above video that you need your Ad account ID in order to claim your ad account in Business Manager. You can’t just type in the name of your ad account like you can your business page name.

Here is where you can find your ad account ID. If you go into your Ads account, find your ad account name, click on it (top left corner) and Ta-Da…. There is it! Grab that sucker and put it in the Ad account ID space in business manager to claim your account. It’s that easy.

Where To Find Your Facebook Ad Account ID

Want to learn more about Business Manager? Click HERE.

One thing to note – Business Manager works just a bit different. In order to post on your Business Page with your cell phone, you will need to download the Pages app in your app store. Trust me, it’s easy, you will get used to it and it will be worth it in the end.

After you have your Business Manager set up, get in there and play around, become familiar with it…and get ready, set and GO as we begin diving into the Art Of Facebook Ads.