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The holidays are a stressful time for consumers and businesses for different reasons. The business owner is trying to be heard above all of the other competition and the consumer is blasted on an hourly basis, sometimes even more. The consumer is on information overload, trying to make the right decision for that perfect gift while staying within some sort budget. Everyone is competing to be heard and there are a hundred (if not more) voices in our ears at any given time prying for our attention.

So, as a business, how can we stand out and be heard above all of the other noise? How can we not only get our customers attention but KEEP it for more than 1.2 seconds until they are off in another direction, forgetting what they just saw? Today, with everyone having the same opportunity to voice themselves and not need thousands of dollars in advertising budget to share that voice, you really need to be tuned in to your customer in order to stand out from the overcrowded room. Here are some tips to help you rise above the noise this holiday season.

  • Bring on your employees as your social media advocates. What do we mean by this? Your employees are in the midst of the foregrounds all day long. Run with this. Use it to your advantage. They listen to customers non stop and know their needs and what they are wanting far more than anyone else. Spotlight your employees – have them share their favorite product or service you have to offer. Let them share advice on those products, how they use them, tricks they have learned to get the most out of the products or services, how they have made their life better or a lot more fun. This will offer a different perspective to the customer, an authentic experience (and we all know an experience is what we are after). Let your employees share information on delivery, returns, sales and behind the scenes look at your brand. Let them get up close and personal this holiday season.
  • User generated content is some of the best content you will come by on social media. It is an opportunity to make your audience the hero. Showcase their videos, photos and stories using your product or experiencing your service. Feature your fans and give them credit and interaction in the post. Make sure if you feature them on your blog or website that you offer a way for everyone to share across all social media platforms. This is a way to potentially create content that could easily go viral!
  • Don’t just use one social media platform. Make sure your company/brand is on several platforms. Create separate native content for each platform, driving the same idea, however, customized for each particular channel. Remember the ‘why’ of each platform and utilize them in the way they were made and for the different audience that can be found on each. This is just another way to show your brand as authentic.
  • Hold Social Media Giveaways. Team up with another high power brand that compliments yours and create a win/win campaign. When creating your strategy keep a few of these in mind:
    • Hold the giveaway for a limited time and announce on social media channels as well as email marketing, your website or blog.
    • Create multiple posts throughout the day. Consider using Facebook ads to target the right audience as well as Instagram ads and Rich Pins on Pinterest.
    • Engage with your audience.
    • Have fans become involved by sending in a video using your product or posting a photo.
    • Use the right hashtags for your product or service as well as holiday hashtags.
    • Create your brand around a holiday theme for the campaign.
    • Make it personal.
    • Know where your audience is located and do some geo target marketing if you are going to purchase ads.
  • Support a local charity. People love seeing people who care about others and the community. We all know there are so many people that need help throughout the year, however, during this holiday season keep in mind that it can be a time of pain, heartache and loneliness even more. Find a local charity that you can get behind and offer support and show your customers that when purchasing, they will also be helping someone in need. They will feel a part of helping others and making a difference in this world when purchasing your product and you will be helping to make someone’s life better.

A lot of times, being heard above the competition can be as easy as just a 2mm degree shift. Get creative, brainstorm with your team and I am sure you will raise up above the noise this holiday season!

Happy Holidays To You and Yours from Happy Little Mango!