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Twitter BirdTwitter. The platform known for it’s 140 character limit, President Trump’s sounding board and viral entertainment. Yet, what is it’s purpose? Is it for the general public or can businesses get something out of it?I have businesses constantly asking me if Twitter is even the right platform to be for their small business. My answer is always a resounding YES! Twitter is an extremely under-utilized platform for small businesses so it is time to step up and join the Twitterverse. I mean, think about it – Your customers and future customers are already on there – why wouldn’t you be on there as well?

So, now that you know you need to be on Twitter, here are a few tips for growing your page.

  1. First off, think about your handle. Don’t take this lightly. Make sure that is corresponds with your brand or business name. And as far as that bio goes, don’t just type some words in their without giving it some thought. When people check out your profile, they are going to want to see that bio. There isn’t much space there so make every word count. Go ahead, add emojis, show that cool personality of yours! Also, make sure to have a visually attractive header and profile.
  2. With Twitter, you can post more often than any other platform. I recommend posting a minimum of five times a day, more often if you are able. The Twitter feed moves fast. You always need to be in front of your audience as many times as possible. Remember, there are a lot of distractions and shiny objects all over so reminding your fans and audience that you are there is crucial. Only have 5 followers? Not to worry. More are about to come. Tweet as if you have 10,000+ because that’s where you are headed.
  3. Keep your followers interested. Decide what kind of personality you want to show off that goes along with your brand. Show some humor. Decide if you will be witty, sarcastic, dry, silly. Of course if you are a funeral home, you may not want to post a lot of jokes. Compassion may be more of your thing. This is the thing – it’s important that people see you not only as a business, but also as a person. Don’t come across as robotic. No one wants to do business with a robot. Social media platforms are all about building relationships and building trust. Have fun and enjoy it.
  4. As with everything in life, consistency is key. If you don’t have many followers after a month, don’t worry about it. With Twitter, as with other social media platforms, it takes time to build. Those that build fast are buying followers and that truly will only hurt you. These people are most often not even real accounts. They will never become a client or customer and will only ruin the whole reason you are on Twitter to begin with. You will get where you need and want to be if you are consistent.
  5. Find potential customers or people that would be interested in your brand or what you have to offer and follow them. This is a great way to get their attention. They will look at your page and if your content is rich, they will follow you back. Just don’t go crazy and follow hundreds of people a day your first month. If you do this, Twitter may think you are spam or a robot and they will shut you down. Start slow and build up…eventually you will be able to follow more people after you have shown yourself to be real.
  6. Be a resource for people. Not an billboard. You want to build yourself as the expert – the go-to person – in your industry. As you do this you will gain trust. Before you ask for the sale, you need to establish yourself as the expert as well as building that relationship. Then, when you finally do ask for the sale, people won’t even feel they are being sold to.
  7. Use visualizations – images, infographics, videos, live tweets. Visuals are no longer a luxury but a need for businesses on social media. Posts with graphics, images and videos receive an insane amount more attention than without. There are so many easy ways to offer this along with your posts. You can get images from Pixabay and create graphics using Canva, two of my favorite resources.
  8. Share trending topics. Don’t just create posts, curate posts as well. Have you ever had that friend or family member that only wanted to talk about themselves? Eventually it gets a bit old. Well, the same thing goes for social media. People will lose interest if the only thing you ever talk about is yourself, so share other’s content. This will also help you so that you can post more often. Wouldn’t it be absolutely crazy, boring and time consuming if we had to create every single post and have everything be original? Plus it’s fun to share other’s information. It’s not only spreading the love, which will come back to you as well, it also makes things more colorful in the world. Buzzsumo is a fantastic site where you can find the latest trending topics.
  9. Make sure you respond to questions, complaints, comments and the like. Yes, I did include complaints in that sentence. People like to be heard. They want to know someone is on the other side listening and cares. It doesn’t take much effort to reach out to those followers (remember, they can only type 140 characters). And you never know, if they aren’t a customer already, they could quickly become one…and whether they are a current customer or not, you know they are going to tell their friends who will tell their friends and so on and so on. Make a good impression at all times. Be ready and alert and you will be rewarded. To give you an example of this, lately Wendy’s (the fast food chain) tweets have been going viral and it all started with someone trolling on their account, bashing them for their ‘frozen’ burgers. Wendy’s came back with an incredible response and since then, people are begging to be put in place by Wendy’s Social Media Manager. Check out the video below and you will see just how incredible their responses are and you will also see how they have found their personality in the social media universe and now their account is blowing up and I am sure their sales are as well. I don’t even eat fast food and I want to head down to my nearest Wendy’s. Excuse me for a moment….’bows down to Wendy’s’.

Credit for this fun video goes to Alonzo Lerone. Subscribe to his Youtube channel if you haven’t already!

Feel free to send me a comment or a tweet if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with on your social media adventures! Just remember, have fun!